with optional Tentmakers of Cairo
Jan 24 - Feb 1, 2020

Full Package Price:
$4,229.00 | Air from New York City

Land Only Price:
$3,579.00 | Land only rate does not include airport/hotel transfers

(per person, based on double occupancy)


February 1-5, 2020
Be sure not to miss this amazing opportunity to visit the Tentmakers of Cairo. Visit our our extensions tab to learn more.


(per person, based on double occupancy)


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"I have been to Egypt a few times in my life, and just recently in January of this year, and I have to say, it is without question, one of the greatest travel adventures I have ever experienced. The extraordinary Valley of the Kings, the lovely Egyptian people, the unforgettable sightseeing, the textiles and crafts, the camel ride at the Great Pyramids, the shopping markets, the sensational Nile cruise and photo opportunities you simply can't imagine. You'll be staying at the deluxe Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo, which is truly one of the greatest hotels in the world. And if your time and budget allows, be sure to add the post-extension package where you can enjoy four full days of hands-on workshops with the talented Tentmakers of Cairo! I hope can join us!" - Jim West

  • Round-trip international airfare from New York City to Cairo, Egypt. (First/Business class upgrades available)
  • Deluxe accommodations in the 5-star Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo. (Suite upgrades available)
  • Round-trip transfers to and from the hotel/airport in Egypt.
  • 5 days / 4 nights on board a deluxe cruise ship on the Nile River.
  • Round-trip transfers to and from the airport/cruise in Luxor and Aswan.
  • Panoramic tour of Cairo with a professional tour guide.
  • Craftours escort during the entire expedition.
  • All meals onboard the ship and afternoon tea.
  • A visit to the Great Pyramids and Great Sphinx of Giza.
  • A tour of the famous Museum of Antiquities in Cairo.
  • An opportunity to ride a camel at the Great Pyramids of Giza.
  • A tour of the Karnak and Luxor Temples.
  • A papyrus demonstration on how paper is made.
  • Special Captain’s welcome cocktail party onboard the ship.
  • A Nubian Folkloric Show by local residents onboard the ship.
  • Sailing to Edfu and Esna and touring the Ptolemaic Temple of Horus.
  • A tour the magnificent Edfu Temple.
  • Enjoy a Felucca boat ride on the Nile River around Kitchener's Island and Agha Khan.
  • Sail to Kom Ombo and tour the fascinating Kom Ombo Temple.
  • Tour the High Dam in Aswan, the Unfinished Obelisk and the Temple of Philae.
  • Shopping opportunities at the Grand Bizaar in Cairo - the Khan el-Khalili.
  • All taxes and shore excursions on the ship are included.
  • A Craftours lanyard, luggage tag and commemorative tote bag.


    • Flight from Aswan to Abu Simbel.
    • A professional local Egyptologist tour guide.
    • Visit the Great Temple of Ramses II, and the temple of Queen Nefertari.
    • Private motor coach transfers to and from the airport.
    • Flights from Abu Simbel to Cairo.
    • Transfer from the Cairo airport to the hotel.

    Please note: This is a one-day tour and time in Abu Simbel is limited.

    The cost of this Optional Day Tour to Abu Simbel is only $438.97 per person.


    February 1-5, 2020

    • Deluxe accommodations in the 5-star Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo for 4 nights. (Suite upgrades available)
    • Craftours professional escort available throughout the Tentmaker's tour extension.
    • A delicious buffet breakfast served daily.
    • Some lunches and dinner.
    • Beautiful Egyptian cotton fabric to use for all your Tentmaker's projects.
    • Three days filled with 8 hands-on workshops with the Tentmakers of Chareh El-Khiamiah in Cairo.
    • All taxes included and insurance recommended.

    The cost of this Tentmakers of Cairo post tour extension is only $1,329.00 per person.

    “Stitch from the Heart”

    Tentmakers of Cairo

    The subject line is not from Middle America in a conversation about quilting. It is a translated quote from an elderly, non-English speaking Egyptian who was bemoaning the changes in his profession.

    Since the first leather tent found in a 21st Dynasty tomb by archaeologists, “the walls covered with twisting flowers  and leaves, and the ceiling with stars,” Egyptians have been known for spectacular tents. While the outsides have been dull cotton canvas, the insides have been covered with applique. There are tents shown in the Rameses panel at Abu Simbel, and Paul in the Bible was a tentmaker.

    As times have changes the tents have also changed. Linen replaced the original leather, and then cotton as it became common in Egypt. It is more common now to use vertical panels to signify a ceremony. Traditional panels are each five metres high, and three metres wide. One man makes one piece with fine and beautiful applique. Panels are used for all sorts of ceremonies – from weddings and henna parties, Ramadan eating areas, diplomatic functions, funerals, and street celebrations.  Surprisingly there is no difference in the patterns used from sad occasions like funerals to the joyful celebrations of weddings.

    The men who hand stitch the work are called Khayamiya (Tentmakers of Cairo) – which is also the word for tents. The work has a lot in common with quilts. It is needle-turned applique, where the cotton canvas takes the place of batting and there is a background fabric tacked onto it, then sometimes several other background colours, and finally the wonderful patterns. Technically it is three or more layers joined together by stitch. A good stitcher catches the top of the cotton canvas but does not go all the way through it as the canvas is used in the way that a hand quilter uses an underneath thimble – to turn and deflect the stitch - so the stitches are almost invisible.

    One of our master stitchers such as Ahmed Naguib learned to stitch from his father. He loves what he does. He says that stitching and watching colours twist and turn under your hands, using good stitches and fine work is a joy and a delight. He has watched with dismay as cheaper printed cloth has started to take over the markets, and is used to make the screens which used to be hand appliqued. It has meant that their market has changed. A craft that for centuries has been well supported has drifted into despair. People wanting screens for a wedding or funeral will hire or buy the printed ones, rather than spend a lot on handmade work. Young men who started in tentmaking have drifted away again as they cannot make enough money to feed their families. In searching for new markets the work has become smaller and more suited for homes and houses.

    In an odd contradiction, the work has also become finer and more beautifully done. Previously a man was not paid until he handed over his five by three metre screen. It meant that they worked roughly and at speed as fine quality was not an issue – how it looked from a distance in a street was all that mattered. A big piece could take five to six months to stitch and in all that time there was no income for the family so speed was imperative.

    Now that they are trying to sell to local residents and foreigners in the city beautiful work is important as people peer carefully at the stitching. They get little local support as Egyptians are not interested in the work. It is seen as rough, peasant work and not something for homes in cities. Its connections to funerals means that is also seen as bad luck and Egyptians do not want the work in their homes.

    Tentmakers of Cairo shared in several overseas events such as;  Festival of Quilts at Birmingham, Museum Twentsewelle at Netherlands, Art in Action at oxford, The Cathedral of The Holy & Undivided Trinity of Norwich at UK, British Quilt and Stitch Village,Canberra Quilters in Australia, Phoenix, Grand Rapids, Lancaster, Des Moines, Chattanooga and Paducah in USA.

    So we are introducing The Tentmakers of Cairo for all of YOU, and hope it gains your admire.

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